Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Kucoin Crypto Exchange

1.) Built in Charts by Trading View!

This is a huge bonus! Normally on you have to pay for a subscription to get what Kucoin is offer. I have been loving it. I have been using Moving Averages, Exponential moving averages, volume, and money flow index to analyze these markets which is a looot more accurate than simply relying on price charts alone because you can see corelating factors that would otherwise be invisible. On Trading View without paying, you can use 3 indicators. On Kucoin, I’ve been able to use more.

Kucoin’s Smooth Charts

2.) They have the ability to stake more coins than most platforms

This is awesome, because it gives you the ability to passively grow wealth, and generate passive income. Also another bonus to the way they do this is some of the coins they offer staking for they also have a feature called “Soft Staking” for instance with Tron(TRX) Normally you’d have to lock it up for a 3 day period. However simply holding it on Kucoin you soft stake and it remains liquid with no lock period! They also offer ETH 2.0 Staking with a twist of higher yields because unlike places like Coinbase their ETH 2.0 staking shares are already 100% tradable and have liquidity!

Passive Income From Staking? YES PLEASE!

3.) Built in Free trading bots!

Okay, so when I say free, all exchanges have fees you pay on exchanges, so that’s the only thing here, the fees you’d pay on a normal trade! They have several kinds of bots. A Grid Bots where you make profit off the up and down volatility. A Rebalance Bot where you buy and Hold crypto in a portfolio at a certain % ratio and it rebalances every time it sees the portfolio is out of balance enough to make it worth it. A DCA(Dollar Cost Average) Bot that you put a sum of money in, and it will buy at the intervals you choose in the assets you pick until it’s out of funds. Lastly a Futures grid for trading on margin with features like stop loss and take profits. This is pretty neat in my opinion. I will note thus far, only one bot is usable on PC, the rest you need the mobile app!

Trading Bots that only cost trading fees you’d pay anyway?! Sign me up!

4.) There is a very active, large helpful community.

I love the Telegram groups(especially the trading bot one!). They have a lot of very helpful people who offer ideas on good coins(take advice at your own risk, and never send anyone crypto you don’t know or trust. Last I checked 1/4 crypto holders has a Kucoin account! That’s a very large number. It’s only going to get bigger. Also unlike Binance where you cannot use it in the USA, You can use Kucoin! It’s a really sleek, smooth platform that I’ve yet to have any technical issues with.

5.) The Design Of The Entire Site is Intuitive.

Like I said 1/4 Crypto holders has a Kucoin Account. A big part of that is the painstaking effort they’ve made to make a user friendly experience and user interface. They have nailed it! I have used other exchanges like Bittrex or ProBit and I have no real grudge against them, they aren’t bad exchanges, however they just don’t seem as well designed as Kucoin both in terms of visually, as well as functionally. This is important because getting mainstream adoption we need to make it easy for every day people to learn how this stuff works! Overall it’s a really badass platform. To check them out go

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned! Also please keep in mind that what I talk about on these posts is from personally experience! I do not ever recommend investing more than you can afford to lose, especially in 3rd party custodial exchanges/apps. Please use caution when investing in things and do research before blindly F.O.M.O.-ing in!



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